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Tired of masking around light switches, windows and doors ??

Then you need to try the EdgeMaster
The self-guiding edge makes tough corners and trim seams a breeze. The Edge Master™ paints razor sharp edges fast and easy!

No more messy and time-consuming masking tape jobs! Never have sloppy edges again.


The EdgeMaster has a beveled edge that self guides as you paint.   Just load the roller, flip the EdgeMaster™ bevel in place and watch how it guides itself along door and window moldings, thermostats, walls and ceilings.   Behind the scenes Edge Master™ is working for you, leaving nothing behind but a precision edge.  Rollers are standard 4", available at any hardware store. 


Was on TV and normally retails for $19.95.  We have 6 cases left on hand.  This is new merchandise, warehouse clearance, while supplies last, selling 1 for $4 or 3 for $10.
When they're gone, they're gone.


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$  +  shipping

Shipping: $5.95 for first  then $3 for each additional

while supplies last, selling 1 for $4 or 3 for $10.


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