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Mist Lamps

  mist of dreams mist lampsMIST OF DREAMS is a new invention ingeniously combining fog or mist generation technology and long lasting multi-colored light emitting diodes (LEDs) to give a serene sensation. It is also a natural humidifier and can be used for aromatherapy.  


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Mist Lamps
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Our mist lamps consists of an ultrasonic mist maker or fog generator, and LED underwater lights. The lighting, water, and mist create a new multifunctional decorative lamp. 
The mist lamp
creates an incredible swirling mist that fills the bowl and then continuously and gently drops over the side.
Combined with the sound of dripping water and colored lights, the effect quickly becomes a conversational point in any setting whether it is at home, office or a reception room.

Positively Beneficial
Not only does the mist maker produce a feeling of relaxation and well being, it also has the added benefit of generating negative ions which can help freshen the air. The fine mist water vapor that is generated can help increase the humidity in a room. This can help sufferers of colds, sore throats and asthma symptoms. Increased humidity can also be very beneficial to indoor plants in this day and age of centrally heated houses.
Add a drop of aromatherapy oil to the water and enjoy the benefits of a high-tech aromatherapy diffuser at no extra charge!

Makes a unique gift
MIST OF DREAMS is an ideal unique gift for that special person or yourself. Itís extremely easy to set up, all you need is tap water and youíll have a bowl full of miraculous mist within a few minutes of opening the box.


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