In early 1984 Erlene Hammett discovered a lipstick that every woman would love. This lipstick was easy to use, long lasting, aloe-based, non-irritating, did not dry up, cake off or kiss off... and it was green! When properly applied, The green lipstick reacts with the body chemistry of the individual, changing to a color uniquely complimentary to that person.

Erlene knew she had a winner, so in February of 1984 she founded L'Paige Cosmetics (named after her daughter Paige). With her great sales ability, Erlene soon had women all over realizing the benefits of this amazing green lipstick. The green lipstick was soon joined by yellow, blue, white, brown and black. The company has now grown to include over 60 designer long-lasting shades of lipstick, lip glosses, split sticks, lip liner pencils, blusher/bronzer and more beauty products of unsurpassed quality.

L'Paige Lipstick Hints

  • Apply L'Paige to "naked lips" if you want it to last for the longest time.
    No moisturizer, foundation, worn out lipstick etc.  If you eat something greasy (buttered toast, a cinnamon roll etc.) and then apply L'Paige, it won't last as long.
  • Apply L'Paige lipstick ONCE across upper and lower lips.  If you want the color lighter, or if you have a lot of trouble with color bleeding around the edges of your lips, blot your lips right away.   If you want the color brighter, apply more than once across.
  • If you want a soft blush color - put L'Paige on once across the upper lip only and then rub or 'smack' your lips together.
  • You can increase the longevity by applying L'Paige once, wait several minutes, blot off the excess and reapply.
  • Try combining colors for new shades. Yellow on top of green or brown will make red on most people.  Depending on your skin tone, you may have to apply more of one or the other lipstick.
  • Try using a lip pencil. Yellow is the most changeable, but all colors can be altered by changing the color of the lip encil.
  • When using a brush, first outline your lips with one color, and fill in with another.  Use L'Paige first, and AFTER it's adapted to your lips apply a frost, a gloss, or another color.
  • Unlike regular lipstick which feels "gooey" on your lips, after an hour or so you won't know you have L'Paige lipstick on (but the color and protection will still be there!).  Your lips will feel bare, they may even feel a bit dry, but they won't chap or feel sore because the aloe penetrates and conditions from within.
  • (all this and SPF 25 too!)